As a certified SAJ ski and snowboard school,our school principal holds SAJ Class A Examiner qualification, with his best knowledge on Japanese ski style, he will analysize your skiing style, give out tips on how to improve and level up, last but not least, advise the best training methods to you.


You will get the video instead of words or voice record, as we believe video can give a more thorough idea on the issue; and image can help you to better grip on the training method.


Shooting points for reference:

1. 視頻分析只針對雙板

2. 一個影片視頻分析僅限一人的滑行

3. 影片的長度不限

4. 建議使用大回轉和中回轉的滑行影片

5. 如果想分析小回轉,或者蘑菇的朋友,請发送小回轉或者蘑菇的滑行片段



Video  format:

Please send us the AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 format



1. Please purchase the service online

2. Send us your skiing video

3. After receiving your video, we will start analysis and filming

4. Send out the analysis video

*After receiving your video,our anaylsis video will be completed within 5 days*

Video Anaylsis